New volunteers needed for Exmouth Community Association roles

  Posted: 08.11.19 at 15:07 by Joseph Bulmer

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The Exmouth Community Association is looking for volunteers to fill a number of important vacancies.

The ECA, which represents residents on matters affecting the development of the town, is looking for a new Treasurer, Secretary and Committee Member for Transport.

ECA Secretary Roma Patten is standing down but she will be helping new volunteers learn the ropes.

Those interested in taking on the Treasurer role will be asked to act as the controller of the association’s finances and sit on the Management Committee, which meets monthly. You will also be expected to report on income and expenditure as well as membership numbers.

The Treasurer also produces audited accounts for the AGM and arranges meeting room bookings.

The association is also looking for a Secretary, ECA Chairman Geoff Skinner explained: “Roma Patten will be standing down in the coming months so any volunteer has the opportunity to work alongside her to learn the ropes.

“The Secretary produces the agenda for our monthly meetings, the associated minutes and handles association correspondence. Roma also co-ordinates the input from the Exmouth Community Organisations to the Community Organisations Liaison Panel Agenda.”

Roma has also been promoting public transport, sitting on a number of local and regional committees. Anyone interested in taking on the position of Committee Member for Transport, particularly the requirements in Exmouth, is encouraged to make contact.

If you are interested in any of these roles or just want to find out more you can contact either: Geoff Skinner, Chairman on 01395 267786 or Roma Patten, Secretary on 07717 736139.

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