90-year-old escape artist tortoise Adam reunited with Exmouth owners

  Posted: 22.05.20 at 13:05 by Joseph Bulmer

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‘Rogue’ pet tortoise Adam, who was discovered roaming free in Exmouth this week, has been reunited with his owners.

This Houdini of tortoises was found by a family while they were out walking on the Exe Estuary Trail, who took him to Exmouth reptile specialists We Do Reptiles, based on Exeter Road.

We Do Reptiles put out an alert on social media to help track his owners down. Yesterday his owners came forward and revealed that the escape prone tortoise is called Adam and is around 90 years old.

It appears Adam, a Hermann’s tortoise, has a history of escaping his owners as his current carers found him roaming free on Bodmin Moor.

We Do Reptiles owner Sophie Bain told Nub News: “It seems Adam has history of escaping, I would imagine his last owner became too old to care for him so that is how the current owners came to have him.”

“It’s surprising how far they can travel,” said Sophie earlier this week. “At this time of the year it is fairly common for tortoises to go walkabout as owners often put them out in the garden.

90-year-old Adam is a Hermann’s tortoise. Picture courtesy of We Do Reptiles.

“People don’t realise how far they can dig or how well they can climb. Even when people move into a new property a tortoise may appear in their garden which belongs to the house’s previous owner.

“They are very well adapted to live in our environment and can pretty much live wild in this area.”

“For any tortoise owners out there it might be a good idea to get yours micro-chipped so if they do escape they can be easily returned to their owner.”

For more information or expert advice on reptile care visit We Do Reptiles Facebook page.

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