Attack on robot lawnmower in Exmouth - Three 'local boys' reported to police

  Posted: 10.09.19 at 12:54 by Joseph Bulmer

The names of three ‘local boys’ have been passed to the police after an attack on a council owned robotic lawnmower in Exmouth.

The incident took place over the weekend at Warren View sports ground.

East Devon District Council has been trialling the robotic lawnmowers in an effort to cut costs.

A spokesperson for EDDC said: “Our StreetScene team has received a report that three local boys were seen dragging the robo mowers at Warren View sports ground from out of their docking station and kicking them.

“The site isn’t open to the public, so these youngsters, who have subsequently been identified and details passed onto the Police, were trespassing while they assaulted the mowers.

“We do not tolerate this kind of anti-social behaviour and will always report acts of vandalism to the Police.

“We have inspected the machines and fortunately no damage appears to have been done to them. We are currently looking at different ways to make the site more secure.”

Councillor Tony Woodward, Halsdon Ward Exmouth, said: “We are grateful that residents reported the incident so that we can take action.”

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