Can you outrun a big hairy predator'

  Posted: 10.09.19 at 15:52 by Shelly Stammers - Exmouth Tri-Hards

Since the dawn of time mankind has asked itself the one question that kept them alive in the most violent of times, ‘could I outrun that big hairy predator?’.

Ask yourself this, what if you got chased by a hairy predator? Can you outrun it?

YOU CAN NOW with a fantastic, fun, social and healthy nothing to 5K running course from the Exmouth Tri-hards.

It doesn't matter where you are at with your physical activity because these courses take you from nothing to running a 5K in easy and fun stages - anyone can do this.

The return on your time is immeasurable and the benefits countless! You will feel better, you will be fitter and leaner and you'll make a fistful of friends too all eager to keep you motivated.

Our 5K courses are targeted toward those that have never or have done a little bit of running.

They are for any shape and size. They are none judgemental (we are ALL runners). They are for people coming back into running from injury, illness or time away from the sport. In actual fact they are for EVERYONE and that includes YOU!

The next two choices can and WILL change your life - do you need more information? Contact us or do you want to start changing your life?

Click on the red button below to book yourself on a course today. Places are limited and we want you to have one!

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