Council leader responds to Conservative criticism of plans for Exmouth

  Posted: 07.09.19 at 13:33 by East Devon District Council leader - Ben Ingham

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The following opinion piece from East Devon District Council leader Ben Ingham was written in response to an article written by Exmouth councillor Bruce de Saram. You can read the original story by clicking the red button at the bottom of the page.


It is interesting to hear Bruce say Exmouth doesn’t get a mention. We haven’t stopped talking about Exmouth over the last three months, especially Queens Drive.

The new Delivery Group is to make sure we get everything in place to move forward after eight years of dithering and avoiding tough decisions.

Whether Bruce believes it or not, we are planning for an open day in November so people can track all the surveys and consultation, plus get an update from Wayne Hemingway himself about his Queens Drive ideas.

Then we start making serious choices in the New Year. Bruce will soon find out as we have just appointed him onto the Delivery Group. I hope he’s ready.

As to future projects in Exmouth, there is so much to do. But we really must sort out the seafront first. Then start making Exmouth a great place to work as well as live.

Providing more careers and opportunities for young people to excel is very important to us.

Finally, Bruce needs to take his socks off for counting. There are 20 Independents and 19 Conservatives on EDDC.”

Written by East Devon District Council leader - Ben Ingham.

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