Everything you need to know about Oktoberfest Exmouth 2019

  Posted: 03.10.19 at 15:35 by Joseph Bulmer

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Beer and prosecco fans are in for a treat this weekend in Exmouth with the town’s second Oktoberfest taking place in The Strand.

The German themed beer festival, presented by Spoken and The Grapevine, will include live music, a bratwurst BBQ, Germanic party tunes, dancing and beer steins.

The festival, taking place on the 4th, 5th and 6th of October, features live music from Eat The Rich and Sam Green.

Nub News, working with Spoken landlord George Nightingale, have put together a handy guide to help you get the most from this year’s Oktoberfest.

What time does it start?
-Friday the doors open at 6pm
-Saturday the doors open at 5.30pm
-Sunday the gates are open at 2pm

When should I get there?
We all know that nobody wants to be the first there but the whole point of an Oktoberfest is the atmosphere of everyone being together. That being said, we would appreciate you arriving no later than one hour after the gates open - you've bought a ticket - make the most of it!

A flyer for this year's event.

Do I get a ticket? How do I get in?
If you have bought a ticket in advance, please bring your confirmation on paper or on your phone. We will cross-reference this and you will be escorted to your table.

How do I get a drink?
Unlike many other Oktoberfest events, everyone at ours is equal. You all receive table service. Tokens are available from the payment kiosk and can be bought as a single, 5 steins or batches of ten. No refunds are available. Just hand over your token to a passing wench and jobs-a-goodun!

Can I run a tab?
We thought about a nice way to say this but we couldn't think of one. No.

What drinks are available?
Not vodka. Not Jack Daniels. Not gin. In fact, nothing other than beer or prosecco - want a normal night out? Then don't come here - we have Lowenbrau, Krombacher Dark and bottles of prosecco.

Can my kids come?
Due to the nature of the event it is unwise to bring along anyone under the age of 18. Someone might swear and we wouldn't want to damage their innocence.

Pictures from last year's Oktoberfest. Pictures courtesy of Exmouth Oktoberfest.

Do I have to wear fancy dress?
If you don't wear fancy dress you will look stupid. Your choice, but you'll be the odd one out.

What's happening Sunday?
In a change to last year, we are making the most of the marquee so it's open door, free for the town to come and use, and we have the epic Sam Green playing. Come and share your stories and help us drink the bar dry.

Is there food?
Yes, we have a food stall on site providing hot dogs and similar fare.

Can I leave and re-enter?
No. You might be responsible but others are not and so rules are applied. Once you're in, you're in. There is an enclosed outdoor smoking area to the rear but you cannot leave the entrance/exit once in.

The Rules:
-Don’t stand on the tables or benches.
-Sing to every song.
-Drink responsibly – don’t spill any!
-Don’t be the one thrown out.
-Dance until your feet hurt.
-No smoking or vaping inside.
-Tag yourself on social media.
-Take lots of photos.
-Have fun!

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