Expert advice: dog sickness in Exmouth

  Posted: 10.02.20 at 14:32 by Hannah Corfield

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Reports of dogs getting sick in Exmouth have been emerging on social media recently, leaving pet owners feeling concerned.

Nub News spoke to the Clinical Director at Raddenstiles Veterinary Surgery to get expert advice on the illness and how people can protect their pets.

Chris Ridge explained: "What we've been seeing cases of recently is a diarrhoea and vomiting sickness in dogs.

"It appears to be some form of contagious virus, the equivalent being the norovirus in humans.

"It is important to state that it is not particularly dangerous and can easily be treated.

"If your dog is displaying symptoms of the sickness - vomits more than twice and is passing loose stools - then you are advised to take them to a vets to get checked over.

"Here at Raddenstiles, we have been administering an injection which suppresses nausea and stops the vomiting.

"We then give the dog 'Oralade', which is a chicken flavoured, which helps to combat dehydration and top up lost minerals and vitamins.

"We also administer prebiotics to help re-populate the gut lining and to strengthen the immune system.

"In extreme cases the dog will be put on a drip.

"It's also worth noting that so far there have been no reported cases of cats contracting the virus.

"More of this sickness has been reported further up country and appears to slowly be making its way down here.

"Certainly in the last few weeks we've dealt with more cases, however pet owners shouldn't be too worried.

"While it's never nice being ill, or seeing a pet suffering, the virus itself is not usually life-threatening.

"The main advice, as always, is to practice good hygiene - pick up everything your dog deposits and dispose of it responsibly, rinse your dogs paws off after walks and don't let them drink from contaminated water sources."

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