Knitted Easter garden taking shape in Exmouth

  Posted: 12.01.21 at 13:48 by Philippa Davies

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Spring may be some way off, but in Exmouth, behind closed doors, an array of beautiful flowers and plants are coming into being.

The Exmouth In Isolation group of knitters and crocheters are busy creating the components of an Easter garden … in wool.

As well as colourful flowers, they are busy making squares of green for a lawn, knitted birds and insects, and even a small crop of vegetables.

The aim is to put it all together into a stunning garden display on or around the Easter weekend, in a location that hasn’t yet been decided.

Getting creative during lockdown

It’s the latest project by the Exmouth In Isolation group, started last year to give people something to do during lockdown. They have already knitted and crocheted 680 squares for a giant ‘Covid’ blanket, to be put on display when the restrictions are lifted. They also made a multicoloured Christmas chain decoration that was put on display in the Strand gardens.

Gillian Barrett, who describes herself as a ‘very disorganised organiser’ of the project, said it is attracting contributions from people who thought they’d forgotten their old wool-crafting skills – and some who had never picked up a knitting needle or crochet hook before.

Everyone who produces a piece of knitting for the Easter garden is encouraged to post a photo in the group’s Facebook group, and many first-timers have been proudly displaying their creations.

Gillian said: “Lots of people are starting from scratch, they’re inspired by what they’re seeing in the pictures, which is lovely.”

She said she herself had been surprised by how addictive – in a good way – the process of knitting flowers can be.

“When you start it’s really hard to stop,” she said. “I’ve got a coffee table now full of really weird flowers, they don’t look like anything, you just want to make more and more of them.”

For more information on the project, including knitting and crochet patterns and ideas for beginners, visit the Exmouth In Isolation Community Yarnbombers Facebook page

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