Toilet block arson highlights importance of 24 hour fire response in Exmouth, say councillors

  Posted: 16.08.19 at 11:52 by Joseph Bulmer

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An arson attack on an Exmouth toilet block has highlighted the need for the town to retain its 24 hour full-time fire service, say councillors.

Emergency services were called to Jarvis Close on Wednesday, August 7, at around 6.11pm after reports of black smoke coming from a toilet block. Two fire crews from Exmouth were sent to Jarvis Close and found a fire in a single storey toilet block.

A public consultation opened on Wednesday, July 3, on proposals to make significant changes to the way Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service operates.

There are six proposals for changing the way firefighters operate in Exmouth, currently the town is served by full-time firefighters 24 hours a day. Three of the options proposed would see the town served by full-time firefighters during the day but switch over to on-call crews in the evening.

Exmouth councillor Bruce de Saram believes the most recent incident at Jarvis Close shows how important it is to have 24 hour full-time fire service coverage in the town.

Speaking on behalf of Conservative councillors in Littleham, Councillor de Saram said: "We deplore the recent vandalism of the Jarvis Close toilets. Public amenities are there for the public to use and toilets are much needed facilities.

“Furthermore we cannot thank the firefighters enough for their prompt response to this incident. What this incident does show is the need for Exmouth to retain its 24 hour fire services response.

“We hope that this incident is logged as further evidence in support of the 24 hour fire services for Exmouth.”

He added: “We also stress as has been pointed out that anyone with information relating to this incident should contact the police via [email protected] or by calling 101 quoting reference CR/071938/19.

According to Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service: “The fire involved waste paper that that been put into the toilet bowl. The fire was extinguished using one hose reel jet. A positive pressure ventilation fan was used to clear smoke.

“The fire caused significant damage to the toilet bowl and the rest of the cubicle was severely damaged by smoke. The cause of the fire was believed to be deliberate.”

If you are interested in taking part in the consultation, please click the red button below.

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