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The magnificent work of Exmouth in Bloom | Opinion

Posted: 17.09.21 by Councillor Joe Whibley (Exmouth Town Ward) Opinion

I was sat in the Strand Gardens in Exmouth last week, contemplating my imminent return to work in the maelstrom of a secondary school, and I sudden...

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Opinion | Clearing the way forward - East Devon's Conservative Group calls for mandatory DBS checks for councillors

Posted: 31.08.21 by Councillor Phil Twiss Opinion

Following the sentencing of a former member of East Devon District Council (EDDC) after being found guilty of despicable sexual crimes against childre...

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How Exmouth Cricket Club has changed for the better during the pandemic | Opinion

Posted: 27.08.21 by Councillor Bruce de Saram (Exmouth Littleham Ward) Opinion

Over this lockdown period, we have all seen that outdoor sports have suffered due to the various Covid restrictions. I am going to write this arti...

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Exmouth food review: Harbour Crepes & Gifts | Opinion

Posted: 22.08.21 by Will Goddard Opinion

Harbour Crepes and Gifts is a little gift shop in Exmouth Marina (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Harbour+News+%26+Gifts/@50.6169108,-3.4259003,1...

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Exmouth weekend review: The League of Gentlemen barber shop | Opinion

Posted: 15.08.21 by Will Goddard Opinion

You know the feeling, lads: your hair is just that little bit too long, covering your eyes and almost sprouting out of your ears. Being the ...

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'The Olympics should go ahead': Ex-England cricketer Monty Panesar writes for Nub News on the Tokyo Olympic Games | Opinion

Posted: 23.07.21 by Monty Panesar Opinion

Japan will be hoping to use the Tokyo Olympic Games to project the image of innovation and their power in Asia. Now, the questions about the sporting ...

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Exmouth: The future of Queen's Drive | Opinion

Posted: 22.07.21 by Councillor Bruce de Saram (Exmouth Littleham Ward) Opinion

In this month’s July article, as summer time approaches, I am going to focus on the future of the Queens Drive Space which has been dormant for a wh...

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Food review: Mickey's Beach Bar & Restaurant, Exmouth | Opinion

Posted: 27.06.21 by Will Goddard Opinion

NB: This is a review of the restaurant and dining experience only. Mickey's Beach Bar & Restaurant is easily the most https://exmouth...

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Exmouth weekend review: The HeadShed Barbers | Opinion

Posted: 26.06.21 by Will Goddard Opinion

The last time I had had a haircut was over the bathroom sink during lockdown - it wasn't pretty. With tufts of hair poking out here, there, and...

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How the council will improve homes in Exmouth Littleham | Opinion

Posted: 23.06.21 by Councillor Bruce de Saram (Exmouth Littleham Ward) Opinion

Welcome to this online column. I am one of the local councillors for Littleham, which is recognised as being one of the most deprived wards in Eas...

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