Exmouth Slimming World: Don't put your weight loss on lockdown!

  Posted: 19.11.20 at 15:35 by Beth Sharp

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Four Exmouth slimmers have lost more than seven stone between them throughout lockdown - and you can do it too.

Exmouth Slimming World is on a mission to spread a vital message – don’t put your life on hold, and don’t put your weight loss on lockdown.

Abbie joined one of the Exmouth groups just before lockdown but didn’t let that get in her way and lost two stone 12lb during lockdown, and a further stone since September.

Sian has achieved her dream target weight as she went into lockdown but, with the support of her group and consultant, was able to maintain her weight loss beautifully.

Aileen joined Slimming World in January and has had a fantastic weight loss journey throughout the pandemic, losing over two stone and celebrating achieving her target weight in her virtual group meeting just last week.

Lisa was challenged with a medical diagnosis just prior to lockdown and understood how impactful achieving a healthier weight could be.

She pursued her weight loss dreams through lockdown however and lost more than three stone.

A Slimming World spokesperson said: "These are real members, choosing to lose, and change their lives for the better in our amazing local groups.

"We know that if members allow this lockdown to press the pause button on their weight loss progress – or worse still, bring it to a complete stop and/or begin to regain weight – they’re going to find themselves storing up health problems (both physical and psychological) for the future and, potentially, put themselves at greater risk of suffering more serious symptoms of Covid-19.

"And this isn’t to mention, the feelings of guilt and shame that are likely to come hand-in-hand with weight gain.

"Lockdown doesn’t have to mean abandoning your weight loss though."

Slimming World groups are up and running throughout Devon, currently virtually, but will soon hopefully be in person again.

Whatever the format, Slimming World groups are where the magic happens – and what doesn’t change is their unique combination of friendship, expertise, motivation, inspiration and weight-loss know-how.

So slimmer’s can get support to stay on track regardless and be closer to achieving their dream weight when lockdown ends.

These are real members, choosing to lose, and change their lives for the better in our amazing local groups.

If you would like to know more about when and where the Exmouth groups are run, and get help to have a happier, healthier 2021 call Harriet on 07828 299391.

Exmouth Slimming World will be working with Nub News to share its members' stories, in hopes to inspire other residents. Keep an eye out for the first one in the coming weeks.

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